Praise and gratitude are do to the Almighty God for His guidance that this book entitled Pesona Pariwisata Kabupaten Manggarai Timur (Tourism Wonders of East

Manggarai Regency) presented to the readers. 

East Manggarai Regency has a variety of tourist destinations and attractions like beautiful nature and unique culture that can be enjoyed by tourists. Those

tourism wonders can only be enjoyed when you come to its place. Therefore, I encourage visitors to visit East Manggarai to see the beauty of our tourism destinations. 

East Manggarai Regency has made efforts to become one of main destination in East Nusa Tenggara Province. Various attempts have been carried out by local

government to improve tourism sector in this regency. The attempts include arrangement and development of infrastructure and facilities at tourism destinations,

improvement road conditions, clean water, electric, and communication lines. 

The role of private sector is needed to support the improvement of tourism sector in this regency. The private sector as the main player in tourism business hopefully would

provide professional and good service in transportation, accommodation, food, guiding that satisfy visitors. 

Community support in producing products that support tourism like; agriculture, fishery, husbandry, and arts and culture and creative economy for visitors. The community is

hopefully would implement principles of Sapta Pesona (The Seven Enchantments) in their daily life and neighborhood by maintaining the conditions of Safety, orderly, clean,

cool, beautiful, friendly, and memorable. 

Tourism development in East Manggarai Regency aims at becoming the best eco- tourism destination in NTT Province by preserving harmonious life with nature and

culture to guarantee the conception of qualified and sustainable destination, as well ascommunity-based tourism. 

Finaly, I encourage all people and components who involve in tourism sector to unite and cooperate in creating safety and comfortable environment for better improvement of

tourism sector in this regency. Come and enjoy the beauty of East Manggarai. 

Regent of East Manggarai 




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